Infographic: Gender Identity and Expression

Are you confused about how to refer to someone? He, she, or they? Gender is a complicated social construct that goes beyond the binary definition of man and woman. Help your students better understand themselves and their peers with IMPACT’s easy-to-use interactive map that explains over 40 definitions of gender.

Gender fluidity is the understanding that gender exists on a spectrum of interpretation, rather than being defined by our biological sex. This concept is becoming increasingly popular among younger generations. Studies have shown that the earlier kids are exposed to what they’re unfamiliar with, the more accepting of others they grow up to be.

This gender identity and expression map created by IMPACT Program will get your students thinking about how society, biology, and personal preference all contribute to the relationship we have with our bodies.

Use it as a segue to talk about LGBTQIA+ rights and gender equality, as part of a sex education course, or as a way to better understand ourselves and each other.

EXPLORE: Gender Identity and Expression Map

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