Help YES! Reach a Half-Million Students

You can help put free YES! Magazine subscriptions into the hands of thousands of teachers — and reach more than half a million students!

This Giving Tuesday, YES! has an amazing opportunity to reach more than half a million students. Can you help?

For every $50 you donate, we can give free YES! subscriptions to five teachers. Each teacher will reach approximately 150 students.

But if you give right now, a generous donor will match your donation. Your gift — and the number of students we reach — will be doubled!


We’ve set an ambitious goal: $17,000 by the end of Giving Tuesday. With your help, we’ll be able to provide free subscriptions to 3,400 teachers — reaching over 500,000 students.

What happens when students are exposed to YES!? They start to see themselves as change agents. They recognize their own power to influence the future.

“Before the YES! writing contest I felt like I was powerless in making social change. YES! inspired me to think outside the box and fight for social justice in my own way.” — J. Yang, grade 8

“YES! Magazine is like coffee to me. It wakes me up to social issues that need attention and self-awareness.” — C. Lee, college student

Young people know they’re inheriting a world scarred by inequity and climate change. They’re brimming with passion for building something better. But the typical school curriculum does little to inform or engage them with today’s issues.

That’s why teachers tell us all the time that they rely on YES! to inspire and motivate their students.

“I want students to be exposed to ideas for change and learn how they can make change. One voice and action at a time. YES! provides just the right outlet.” — Dr. Kristina Kahl, Front Range Community College, Colorado

“My students have never stepped further than 50 miles out of their community. YES! shows them another world and offers another way for them to think, act, and respond.” — Kim Millender, Kennedy Curry Middle School, Texas

Please take a moment right now to help us reach thousands of teachers and more than half a million young people with YES! stories.

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