Miles for Change

An interview with Mari Folco, director of Philadelphia's MileUp, for the YES! Solutions Project.

A comic zine by Grace Acosta, Addy Hubbard, Alexis Lambert, and Eva Schoefield.

Through a partnership with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, kids in the juvenile justice system can join MileUp to have their restitution paid and their criminal record cleared. MileUp is not just about running. It’s also about having a mentor to support kids through a difficult stage in life.

This is one of “6 Student Stories on Change-Makers in Their Communities” created for the YES! Solutions Project. Click here to explore the other stories.

Grace Acosta is pursuing a dual master’s degree in public health and medical science at Arcadia University. Grace is passionate about public health issues, especially as they relate to social justice. She hopes to use her career as a medical provider to address public health issues in medically underserved areas and also raise awareness for health inequities.

Addy Hubbard is pursuing a master’s degree in public health and medical science as a physician assistant at Arcadia University. Addy is interested in addressing upstream issues in healthcare as a clinician and empowering youth to make healthy decisions.

Alexis Lambert is a graduate student at Arcadia University, graduating with a Master of Public Health. Alexis hopes to use her education to help rebuild the infrastructure of public health to better serve population-level health needs following the COVID-19 pandemic. Outside of class and work, she is planning her wedding.

Eva Schofield is pursuing a dual master’s degree program in public health and medical science at Arcadia University to become a physician assistant. Eva is interested in preventative healthcare, particularly to promote healthy environments, lifestyles, and decision making within communities.

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