Photo Essay: Pete Seeger's Life on the Hudson

In December 2007, YES! editor-in-chief Sarah van Gelder interviewed Pete Seeger in his home in Beacon, New York. Seeger showed Sarah his family photo albums, his DIY solar-powered car, and, of course, a whole wall filled with banjos.

My first face-to-face encounter with my hero, Pete Seeger, outside his home in Beacon, New York.

All photos by Michael Bowman for YES! Magazine.

Sitting in Pete Seeger's living room, during the interview I did with him. He showed me a copy of "Rise Up Singing," a classic book of folk songs for which he wrote an introduction and contributed illustrations.

Pete Seeger's instruments.

Having a conversation in his hilltop home.

The walls of his home were covered with photos of his family and his travels.

The banjo that Seeger most commonly used. Written on it are the words, "This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces it to Surrender."

Seeger sharing some of his favorite quotes and clippings.

After the interview, he played a few bars of some of his favorite songs.

The Hudson River that he's worked so hard to clean up is in the background.

Pete showed us the engine of his electric car. He charged the battery with energy from his rooftop solar panels.

An excerpt of William James' writing is painted on the side of Seeger's home.

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