What makes us happy?
YES! Recommends: Americans Who Tell The Truth

Americans Who Tell the Truth spotlights 170 portraits of truth tellers—people who fought for all people's rights with courage and determination—to teach students of all ages not only about their heritage, but also to stand up for what they believe in.

Journey Into Dyslexia

You’ve probably taught a student with dyslexia—and were perplexed on how to help. This film shows successful adults who see their dyslexia as a unique gift.

Weathering Walker's Storm: Staying Positive in Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker's 2011 legislation on collective bargaining created pandemonium in education. How did one teacher’s community pull together to protect what they worked so hard to create. This is Jean’s story.

YES! Recommends: The Legacy Project

At a time of economic uncertainty—when your students are wondering about their future—the Legacy Project might serve as a compass to help them create their lives, connect to others, and change their world.

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

There’s nothing like a college drop-out telling tales of getting fired and being diagnosed for cancer to fire up your students – and you – to pursue their passions. Especially when the speaker is the late Steve Jobs.

Horses as Healers

Lorna Shepardson knows a magical gift horses possess that can help bring young people from the depths of darkness to a glimmer of self-confidence. This is Lorna’s story.

Sleep Lessons and Bees

With final exams under way, many students and teachers are undoubtedly getting little sleep. And, what’s the buzz about bees? The following teaching resources dive into the science and psychology of the importance of sleep, and why bees are critical to our food supply.

You Can’t Ignore Me Any Longer

Street artist JR brings art to improbable places, creating projects that force us to really see each other.