What makes us happy?
Art for the Sky

The Nazca Lines of Peru inspired Oregon artist Daniel Dancer to invite an entire elementary school of students to be the beads on the headband of a 25-acre Indian head. The result was stunning and life changing. This is Daniel’s story.

And the Next Day, I Teach

What calls high school English teacher Aletha Fields to teach each and every day? Her faith, her commitment to take care of herself, and the love and appreciation from her students. This is Aletha’s story.

Free to Be Me

At "free schools," kids decide what they want to learn. Teacher Gia Rae Winsryg-Ulmer honors their right to be themselves and the independent-thinking people they are meant to be. This is Gia's Story.

Visual Learning: Out of Character

This Visual Learning activity will get your students thinking about the intersection of handwriting and digital typeface, and the fate of cursive writing around the world.

Research on the Politics of Meditation Points to Deeper Truths

Psychologists recently conducted a study that found that meditation may make you more liberal, at least in the short-term. Richard Schiffman argues that the politics of true spirituality are more about balance than support for any one side.

Animal Odd Couples

Are animals capable of feeling emotions? PBS Nature shares evidence that humans are not the only ones on the planet who cares, loves, and empathizes. Meet five animal odd couples.

Visual Learning: Gauze for Concern

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about the foreclosure crisis in this country and what it might feel like to lose your home.