A Stranger at the Door

Although Las Posadas is a beautiful ritual, the reality it addresses is a painful one: the reality of human need and exclusion.

The Prophets Versus Empire

The biblical prophets once cried out against corruption and injustice, calling people to a higher purpose. What might that look like today?

the gifts from the four directions

Ancient stories tell of a time when the peoples of the world are reunited and their gifts bring a new world into being. Might this healing process already be underway?

A Pilgrimage to Syria

Courage that comes from a hope beyond words takes these pilgrims into Damascus to listen and learn, and to search for places to plant seeds of peace

Put Some Heart Into It: Spirit in Action

What will it take to energize our work for change? Linda Stout, who spent years organizing poor people in the rural South, polled fellow organizers around the US and has this to say about what it will take to win.

Freedom's Sacred Dance

Two elders of the southern Freedom Movement share stories of "veterans of hope" who found courage in their spirituality and commitment to justice and democracy.

Cyber Consciousness

Yes, the internet is booming. But is that good news or bad news? Many of us fear that life online will reduce us to virtual human beings—isolated, dehumanized adjuncts to machines—or that e-commerce will inspire yet another wave of consumerism. Others, like philosopher and cultural historian Jean Houston, see the internet as a place where a new species intelligence is being born.

Moments of Grace

New Stories. The stories we tell ourselves are at the core of everything else we believe and do. Do we think we belong in the place and community where we live? Or do we feel embattled, trying to make it into a hostile climate?

Making Peace Between Religions

An end to violence conducted in the name of religion. It's a radical idea that just might work. Religious leaders from 50 countries are joining in an effort to find out.

Compassion the Radicalism of This Age

The new sciences support insights of the ancient mystics-that we are fundamentally interconnected, that the diversity of cultures provides "unlimited richness," and that each of us contain the seeds of the whole world order.