Paragliding Africa

How one photographer captured the continent from the sky—with a fan strapped to his back.

What Can Change When We Learn to See Each Other

Here’s my invitation to you: Let’s take a month and intentionally notice those we would normally not see. Let’s interrupt old patterns of not looking into the eyes of “those people”—whoever they are to you.

How the Student Loans Debate Got Religion

There’s a biblical precedent for forgiveness—of debt. Why churches are standing by students on one of the Bible’s most surprising social principles.

A Pastor, a Rabbi, and an Imam Walk Into a Book ...

In "Religion Gone Astray," three leaders—and friends—from different religions take on violence, exclusivity, gender inequality, and homophobia in some of their scriptures' most controversial verses. What they discovered surprised them.

Radical Religion, an American Tradition

Book Review: “Prophetic Encounters” reminds us that we are part of a long and rich tradition that is more than a series of isolated movements for social change.

Rising Sea Levels: The View from a Canoe

Decades ago, the legendary journey of the open-ocean canoe Hokule‘a revealed secrets of Hawai‘i’s past and sparked pride in native culture. Now, a voyage around the world offers a new generation lessons about Earth’s uncertain future.

Thousands Give Up Carbon for Lent

In the season of reflection, Christians around the world are focusing on being better stewards of creation.

Towards a Prophetic Politics

We’ve all seen what happens when religion and politics mix poorly—but does that mean there’s no place for spirit in our political lives?