New Economy
Mobile Slaughterhouses Help Meat Go Local

Scarcity of certified processing facilities is one reason the meat industry is so consolidated—so farmer Bruce Dunlop invented a mobile slaughterhouse.

How I Found Happiness (in 130 Square Feet)

Photo Essay: Don’t think you know how to build your own house? Neither did 23-year-old Ella Jenkins before she picked up the tools and started.

Farmers Markets Move Online

Regional, web-based services to connect small-time growers to consumers are popping up around the country.

A DIY Civilization

Can we create the machines of modern life sustainably, cheaply, and close to home?

5 Ways to Make Your Dollars Make Sense

Concerned about Wall Street’s devastating impact on communities? Then invest in yourself—the most local investment of all.

A Separation of Church and Bank

Video: After Bank of America foreclosed on thousands of homes in their San Jose parish, the members of this Catholic church bid it goodbye—and took $3 million with them.

Local Economies for a Global Future

Yes, we need to relocalize—but that doesn’t mean we're headed for provincialism. Anticipating our near-heavy, far-light future.