Peace and Justice
Avatar in the Amazon

The smash hit Avatar gets mixed reviews from Ecuador's indigenous Amazonian community—an audience that's very familiar with the movie's plot line.

What’s Wrong with Avatar?

OK, I enjoyed the movie. A lot. Right up to when I took off the goggles and reflected on the ending.

Bolivia's Economic Success

By regaining public ownership of natural resources and focusing on social programs, the Morales administration has achieved record growth despite the recession.

Reconsider Columbus Day

Video: Does honoring Christopher Columbus with a federal holiday perpetuate a philosophy of racism and domination?

Native Recipe for Health

The Tohono O’odham Nation tackles diabetes with a return to desert foods.

Episcopal Church Repudiates Doctrine of Discovery

When Europeans began colonizing the Americas, they used the so-called "Doctrine of Discovery" to justify claiming the land for Christian governments, while the people already there were granted only the right of occupancy.