People Power
How to Convert a Republican

Pramila Jayapal on race, immigration, and how to talk across the political divide.

We Won't Bow Down

The tradition of Carnival teaches us that resistance to the status quo can be a pleasure and an adventure.

World Economic Forum, Take Two

When it comes to "improving the state of the world"—the goal of the World Economic Forum—CEOs and politicians have been known to disappoint. Prankster filmmakers found a solution that helps them say all the right things.

From Disaster Aid to Solidarity

How can concerned foreigners help Haiti recover while respecting the needs and desires of those who live there?

Crude :: Film Trailer

What is the real price of oil? A 2009 documentary investigates the $27 billion class action environmental lawsuit against Chevron for pollution.

Fighting Like Hell

Haiti has a long history of exploitation, but an equally long history of powerful resistance.

A Victory for Haiti

How an international, grassroots mobilization helped spur the G7's decision to cancel Haiti's onerous foreign debt.

Time to Tax Financial Speculation

For those of us who want the financial industry to serve people and the planet rather than dominate them, this is the most exciting reform under serious consideration on the world stage.