People Power
All That We Share

Welcome to a new kind of movement—one that reshapes how we think about ownership and cooperation.

Cooperation Law for a Sharing Economy

A new sharing economy is emerging—but how does it fit within our legal system? Time for a whole new field of cooperation law.

At Last, a Human Right to Water

Good news for thirsty people around the globe: The UN affirms the right to safe and clean drinking water.

When Couches Become Communities

Venturesome travelers are using the web—and the couches of strangers—to create an international gift economy of hospitality.

Better Than Facebook?

Fed up with Facebook's commercialism, four NYU students have created an open source, peer-to-peer alternative: Diaspora.

Transforming Space Into Place

Is the shortest distance between two points all that life is about? The City Repair Project doesn’t think so. They’re helping people imagine and create lively public spaces–starting with your local intersection.