Social Justice

Queer Latinx Youth Amplify Their Voices Using Telenovelas

A new digital telenovela aims to put queer Latinx youth in charge of telling their own stories.

Jonathan Garcia | Apr 23, 2021
Two young Chicano men ride on the hood of a car and raise their fists during a National Chicano Moratorium Committee march in Los Angeles, California, on August 29, 1970, in opposition to the war in Vietnam.
Social Justice

What “Latinx” Doesn’t Include

Gender inclusivity is important, but so is acknowledging our Indigenous origins.

Kurly Tlapoyawa | Nov 22, 2019
Social Justice

12 Books to Read Instead of “American Dirt”

There are many good books that capture the experiences of Latinx life. Most of them are written by Latinx authors and don’t reinforce stereotypes.

Ananya Garg & Isabella Garcia | Jan 31, 2020
Social Justice

As Non-Black POC, We Need to Address Anti-Blackness

While Indigenous and other people of color traditionally lack the power to enact racism, we can and do exercise clear racial prejudice against Black people.

Ana Cecilia Pérez | Jul 06, 2020
Social Justice

How Controversy Over “American Dirt” Inspired a Movement for Change

Latinx writers are demanding accountability from the publishing industry—and encouraging the public to read responsibly.

Myriam Gurba | Apr 09, 2020
Social Justice

Dear Latina Sisters: Will You Name and Disrupt Anti-Blackness?

It’s easy for us to spot White supremacy in others. But we have a harder time acknowledging it in our own communities.

Denise Padín Collazo | Apr 28, 2021
Social Justice

Poets of Color Pave the Way for the Next Generation

Today in the U.S., a number of contemporary poets carry the torch of their work pushing for social change in their communities.

Ananya Garg | Mar 13, 2020

Diversifying the Tech Workforce

People We Love

Isabella Garcia | May 09, 2020
Social Justice

Pulse Wasn’t About Me. But Covering It Changed Me

As one of the few out queer journalists covering the tragedy on the ground, I learned that my identity served my work, not hindered it.

Sunnivie Brydum | Jun 12, 2019
Social Justice

5 Ways Immigrants Are Leading the Way in the U.S.

Often denied legal recognition and systemic support, immigrant communities have long been finding solutions to the social ills plaguing all communities.

Priscilla Blossom | Jul 07, 2020

Can Biden Bridge the Democratic Age Gap?

Young voters broke overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Now Joe Biden has to earn their votes.

Mike Males | May 14, 2020
the cliff in barichara_650.jpg

Trying to Be a Proud Latina When People Prefer Whiteness—Even in My Mother’s Homeland

For people of color to be seen as fully American, we are often forced to denounce parts of our identities.

Stephanie Jimenez | Mar 14, 2017
Health & Happiness

Making Healthy Habits Accessible for Every Body

These safe spaces offer fitness for people of color and queer folks, the big-bodied and fat-identified, the low-income and differently abled.

Deonna Anderson | Sep 17, 2018

YES! Style Guide

Updated January 2021.

YES! Editors | Nov 15, 2017
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Social Justice

10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Exists in Every Aspect Imaginable

Lessons people of color have taught me that changed my life—and could change yours too.

Jon Greenberg | Jul 24, 2017
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