bioremediation using mushrooms, How fungi can cleanse water and toxic spills
Paul Stamets
While the ruling elites occupy themselves with seeking to restore faith in the pathological institutions on which their power and privilege were built, the rest of us can embrace this moment of economic failure as an historic opportunity. Through our individual and collective choices, we can grow into being the economic institutions, relationships, and culture of a just, sustainable, and compassionate world of living economies that work for all.
David Korten
about corporate abuse, Stakeholder Alliance, corporate stakeholder rights, corporate responsibility as a solution
Ralph Estes
Nonviolent intervenors transform our response to conflict. Building a new force by Michael n. Nagler, an article on the Nonviolent Peaceforce. YES! A Journal of Positive Futures,
Michael N. Nagler
Throughout its history the United States has shown two faces: one that’s peaceful, promoting justice and self-determination, and one that’s selfish, defining its national interests in ways that promote suffering and brutality abroad.
John Mohawk
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