Video: The Swinomish tribe could lose up to 15 percent of their land on low-lying Fidalgo Island to climate-change related sea level rise. They’re working with planners to make sure they can survive—and thrive—in the region’s changing climate.
Benjamin Drummond, Sara Steele
Capitol Building
Obama’s speech addressed progressive issues such as jobs, women’s rights, and clean energy. But it left the need for a larger economic transformation untouched.
John Cavanagh
Video: At TEDx, YES! magazine editor Sarah van Gelder discusses the “mean world syndrome” caused by excessively negative news coverage, and describes how solutions journalism creates a more balanced—and hopeful—point of view.
Sarah van Gelder
Video: Roman Krznaric on the concept of “outrospection” and how it could shape the 21st century—all illustrated with animated cartoons!
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