Pramila Jayapal

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Pramila Jayapal

is a United States representative from Washington’s 7th Congressional District. She is the founder of OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone), and the author of Pilgrimage to India: A Woman Revisits Her Homeland.

Articles By This Author
Mother of Exiles
In the U.S. today, immigrants are taking the blame for everything from environmental stresses to terrorism to the poor job market. What’s at stake for all of us in this debate?
India's Silent But Singing Revolution
India's silent but singing revolution, by Pramila Jayapal. Swadyaya social movement in India is based on the belief that God resides within, all people and nature are connected, and a person's responsibility is only to do one's duty to the best of one's capability for God and without attachment to the fruits of the labor.