Summer 2016 – Gender Justice
Summer 2016

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Gender Justice

From the Editors

Let’s Build a Bigger Feminism

As the Democratic presidential primary drama unfolds, there’s a lot of talk about glass ceilings, of how far women have come, and of how beneficial it would be for women to have a woman in one of the world’s most powerful positions.

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This “New” Feminism Has Been Here All Along

Our grandmothers showed us a bigger, better feminism with women’s rights, racial equity, and gender justice at its heart.
Dani McClain
Racism Patriarchy BlackLivesMatter.jpg

I Assumed It Was Racism—It Was Patriarchy

Why are some women more invisible than others? To grow new anti-patriarchal movements like Black Lives Matter, we need to start opening our eyes.
Akiba Solomon
Domestic Workers Worker Centers.jpg

20,000 Domestic Workers Are About to Get Fair Wages. How’d They Do That?

Left out by traditional unions, women-led domestic workers are winning fights for minimum wage and overtime across the country.
Sheila Bapat
Gay Dads Adpotion.jpg

What I Want for My Son and the Daddies Who Adopted Him

I want my son to have male role models, female role models, and to know that families can look like anything. I want him to have options that I never did.
Mariah MacCarthy
Nice Guy Gender Based Violence.jpg

Why Being a “Good Guy” Is Not Enough

Either you’re actively working against sexual violence or you’re enabling it.
Joe Samalin

I Was Supposed to Be Pretty, Feminine, Nice, and Straight

From a very early age, I had a sense of being gendered by the world. But I don’t feel like a woman or a man.
Ray Stoeve

It’s Not Really About Bathrooms: Why the Trans Fight is About Human Rights

What can counter the hate-filled narratives that are surrounding equal rights ordinance campaigns? The LGBT movement and its allies must amplify and center the voices of Transgender people.
Eesha Pandit

In Photos: Real Men Do Cry

Emotions aren’t gender exclusive.
Maud Fernhout

Why Not Getting Married Is Smart Economics For Women

More people than ever before are choosing not to get married. And for women, that can actually be a good thing.
Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz
Cooperative Business tamales

Immigrant Moms Were Told They Can’t Have Jobs—So They Started Their Own Tamale Co-op

Employment options can be extremely limited for undocumented immigrants who can’t work legally. These single moms are relying on each other.
Travis Putnam Hill
Lakota Women Self Defense Class

The Lakota Martial Arts Teacher Helping Native Women Recover Their Strength

A self-defense model focused on rediscovering strength rather than putting up your guard helps Native American women heal from sexual assault.
Christa Hillstrom

“They” and the Emotional Weight of Words

Even in the smallest of interactions—like how we use pronouns—we can create connections that allow us to challenge one another on our assumptions about gender.

This Is What Naked Power Looks Like

Why feminist burlesque performers put their bodies and politics in full view.
Taja Lindley

Solutions We Love

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Baby Boxes Cut Infant Mortality in Finland—U.S. Cities and States Give Them a Try

Five reasons baby boxes are more than cutesy cardboard containers, from offering a safe place to sleep to giving an equal start in life.
Marcus Harrison Green
Standup Comedians Gender Issues.jpg

Think Gender Issues Can’t Be Funny? Think Again

Three comedians using stand-up to breakdown gender stereotypes.
Alexa Strabuk
Effigy Mounds National Monument

A Park Where You Can Walk Among 1,500-Year-Old Bears and Birds

Terry Tempest Williams on the sacred earthworks of Effigy Mounds National Monument.
Terry Tempest Williams
Twin Falls Postcard

Celebrate the Urban Wilderness Right Where You Live

Throughout the country there are revitalization efforts to bring back to life long-neglected urban wild areas.
Shelley McEuen

Culture Shift

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My Walking Pilgrimage

How the simple act of walking can open us up to confront and heal our toughest problems.
John Francis

The Best Reason to Ride a Bike

The film “Bikes vs Cars” tells us that bicycling for transportation can reduce our emissions. But more importantly, bicycling can change our mindset.
Peter Kalmus

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away Without Toxic Chemicals

Mosquitoes don’t like fans, and other tips to keep them off naturally.
Kate Stringer

Amid Election Chaos, Communities Show Where the Real Power Is

In every community I visited, I found people working hard to lay a different foundation for our society.
Sarah van Gelder