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We have internships available throughout the year in the editorial departments (both print and online), the education department, and in the media and outreach department. See information on the specific internships for application deadlines.

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Internships at YES!

 YES! Magazine has internships available with the editorial team,  education outreach team, and social media/outreach team. Each internship offers a valuable work experience in a supportive and motivating work environment.

Interns Summer 2012

YES! has helped me move from just thinking and talking about issues to actually doing something to change them. You can't work at a place like this and not be changed. I leave YES! with amazing friends, an opened mind and heart, and faith that change is possible."
—Kim Nochi, Editorial Intern

Benefits and Time Commitment

Internships require an in-office time commitment of 30 hours per week. Most internships last for six months.  YES! supplies housing in a five-bedroom house near the office . Past interns emphasize that communal living helped them build strong friendships, encouraged exploration of the city and trips to the countryside, and supported desires for more sustainable lifestyles.

If an intern already has housing and will commute to the office, YES! will reimburse their public transportation expenses. 

Intern Life

YES! interns celebrate Halloween

Interns play an integral part in their departments and are treated like temporary staff members. Supervisors are relatively flexible with interns' weekly schedules, understanding that they may need to take on a part-time job or have other commitments.

Bainbridge Island is a 30-minute ferry ride from Seattle. The island location—a picturesque town in close proximity to a big city—offers the best of both worlds: Bainbridge's gardens, trails, cafes, and great outdoor activities; and nearby Seattle's culture, nightlife, activism, and pretty much anything else you're looking for.

Interns often take weekend and holiday trips to the easily accessible mountains, rainforest, and wild coast of the Olympic Peninsula; the dramatic Alpine peaks and lakes of the Cascade range; Victoria and Vancouver Island and the laidback San Juan Islands; as well as nearby cities like Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC.

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