Sarah van Gelder

The YES! executive editor writes about prospects for peace, health care breakthroughs, happiness, the next economy, and other topics.
Troy Davis' Last Request

Troy Davis’ last words before his execution on Wednesday night included this call: The tragedy of American capital punishment must be brought to an end.

How Can We Solve the Jobs Crisis?

Targeting workers, the unemployed, and public services won’t do it. Help us find the solutions that will.

YES! We Can Reinvent a Failed Prison System

YES! Magazine’s summer issue will grapple with how to solve the U.S.’s prison problem. Here's a look at what we’re planning—and a chance to share your ideas.

Out of Chaos

15 years ago, YES! co-founder Sarah van Gelder wrote this piece for the launch issue of YES! How well does it stand up in a world that is, if anything, more chaotic?

10 Most Hopeful Stories of 2010

There was plenty of disappointment and hardship this year. But the year also brought opportunities for transformation.

Animals and Us: Help Us Hatch Our Next Issue

The YES! editorial team is hard at work on our spring issue about animals. Here's an advance look at what we’re planning—and a chance to share your ideas.

Pioneers of the New Normal

We’re facing a very different world than the one we knew. Here’s what people are doing to prepare …

Eight Ways to Confront Extremism on 9/11

The flare-up surrounding the planned Quran burning and the proposed New York mosque make this 9/11 anniversary an especially important time to speak up.