Sarah van Gelder

The YES! executive editor writes about prospects for peace, health care breakthroughs, happiness, the next economy, and other topics.
Pioneers of the New Normal

We’re facing a very different world than the one we knew. Here’s what people are doing to prepare …

Eight Ways to Confront Extremism on 9/11

The flare-up surrounding the planned Quran burning and the proposed New York mosque make this 9/11 anniversary an especially important time to speak up.

US Social Forum Kicks Off

The US Social Forum begins with arrivals of caravans and a poor people's march, and an opening "We have a dream" protest march and rally.

In America: Getting Beyond the Hate

Race-baiting at recent tea party rallies shows we have a long way to go to move beyond racism. But there are exciting signs that a post-racial society is in the making.