A Potential Ally in Fighting Consumerism

The U.S. doesn’t export much to China, but it has managed one deadly export: a consumer-based lifestyle. That’s something we need to change, beginning at home.

The Greatest Danger

If you’re really paying attention, it’s hard to escape a sense of outrage, fear, despair. Author, deep-ecologist, and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy says: Don’t even try.

Connect and Engage :: Consumption

Resources to accompany the January/February 2008 Education Connection newsletter on The Story of Stuff and Consumption: Facing the Future, The Center for Ecoliteracy, UNESCO, and Redefining Progress.

Conversation Café :: Guidelines

The conversation café agreements sound a bit like what one should have learned in kindergarten about getting along with the other kids. They are guidelines for participating with others in group settings so there’s freedom for all, not a free-for-all.