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On the occasion of the first United States Social Forum June 27, 2007 by Alice Lovelace


Find out what puts Cuba on the map in the quest for global health…

Meningitis B: Cuba's Got the Vaccine—Why Don't We?

A vaccine with proven effectiveness against Meningitis B was developed in Cuba in the 1980s. Since then, 55 million doses have been administered in Cuba and other countries. But not in the U.S.,where outbreaks still kill children.

Abraham to Descendants: “Knock it Off”

A roundtable discussion with Sarah van Gelder: A rabbi, a minister, and an imam, brought together by 9/11 and what followed, discover new spiritual depths from their dialogue and friendship.

The Bronx, New York: Quality Job, Quality Care

Home health care workers often struggle with low pay and low-status, back-breaking jobs. But these home care aides are owners of their company, and that changes everything—for them and for their vulnerable patients.