The Butterflies Are Alright: Why Monarchs Are Thriving (and Other News to Chew On)

Portland's vote to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure, new legislation to protect butterflies, and why what we call ISIS matters.

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ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh: Why the name matters

News stations and governments have different names for the group that carried out the attack in Paris last Friday. What’s the difference? Well, it’s actually kind of a big deal. (via Vox)

Good news for butterflies

Monarch butterflies, whose numbers have dwindled due to logging practices and pesticide use, are expected to make a recovery after legislation limiting the harmful practices took effect in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. (via Reuters)

Stopping fossil fuel in its tracks

Portland, Oregon’s city council unanimously voted to oppose building any new “oil trains,” infrastructure that would “increase the transportation or storage of fossil fuels.” Portland’s Mayor will be attending the climate talks in Paris to share the plan.  (via Grist)

Growing old

Mary, 98, lives alone in Pennsylvania and spends her free time shredding junk mail. This short film asks, is this the fate of America’s elderly? (via The Atlantic)

Does media glamorize “the hood?”

“People really die here, but people also have babies and fall in love and do things in-between the birth and the casket.” In this essay, a writer calls for one thing portrayals of “the hood” are usually missing: balance. (via Those People)

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