8 Amazing Muslim Women Who Would Be Banned From Trump’s America (and Other News to Chew On)

The inner lives of drone operators, refugee camps through the eyes of children, and women who would be denied entry to the United States under Donald Trump’s “total shutdown.”

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Muslims who trump Trump

Donald Trump proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Here are a few amazing women who would not have made his cut. (via The New York Times)

Return of the politically engaged rapper

This profile of Atlanta-based rapper and activist Killer Mike looks at how rap deviated from a legacy of “political consciousness”—and why the politically engaged rapper is making a comeback.  (via New Republic)

Behind the drones

“Ever step on ants and never give it another thought?” asks Michael Haas, one of four former drone operators who have come forward to share their stories. (via The Guardian)

What we mean when we talk about consent

Medium asked men their thoughts on the meaning of consent. The response? Real stories exploring “the grayest of hookups” and why consent is an essential conversation topic. (via Medium)

Refugee camps through the eyes of kids

Reza Visual Academy trains children in refugee settlements to take photographs that capture what life is like for those living in the camps. (via National Geographic)


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