Guy Dauncey

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Guy Dauncey

is a speaker, organizer, and author of several books, including Journey to the Future: A Better World Is Possible. He is the founder of the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association and co-founder and president of the Yellow Point Ecological Society.

Articles By This Author
What’s possible in a post-carbon world
It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Buildings, electricity production, transportation, and food & forestry contribute the bulk of the greenhouse gases. But climate-friendly options are ready. Author Guy Dauncey outlines some down-to-earth solutions.
Getting There on Less
Americans are addicted to the joys of the open road. But the joys come at too high a price and we’re about to hit bottom. We can get around without oil. Here’s the 12-step program to do it.
A Sustainable Energy Plan For the US
Whether it's a fatal failure of imagination or a cynical sellout to fossil fuel campaign contributors, the energy policy of the Bush/Cheney administration would take us in exactly the wrong direction.