Jess H. Ghannam

Jess H. Ghannam

is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Global Health Sciences in the School of Medicine at UCSF. His research areas include evaluating the long-term health consequences of war on displaced communities and the psychological and psychiatric effects of armed conflict on children. Dr. Ghannam has developed community health clinics in the Middle East that focus on developing community-based treatment programs for families in crisis.

He is also a consultant with the Center for Constitutional Rights, Reprieve and other international NGO’s that work with torture survivors. Locally he works to promote and enhance the health and wellness of refugee, displaced, and immigrant populations from the Middle East,North Africa and South Asia and has established a community-based Mental Health Treatment Programs to support these communities.

At UCSF Dr. Ghannam develops culturally competency training programs for staff, students and faculty working with patients from the Middle East. He serves as the faculty Co-Chair for the UCSF Center for Community Engagement. Dr. Ghannam works with medical students and residents across disciplines to promote and enhance their clinical, research and global health skills.

Dr. Ghannam specializes in working with chronic illness, including chronic pain, PTSD and mTBI. He also works and does research in the area of Global Health and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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