Day 3 of New Economy Week: Building a Movement That Can Win

This article was produced in partnership with the New Economy Coalition as part of the 2014 New Economy Week. Each day this week, YES! will publish articles responding to different topic prompts.

Prompt 3: Building a movement that can win.

Let’s be real. Those who have benefited from the concentration of wealth and power aren’t going to give up their power willingly. Fresh ideas for an alternative economy aren’t going anywhere without a social movement powerful enough to deliver real change despite opposition. The good news is that this movement is emerging. Our ideas and projects are resonating with people and even beginning to beat back industries that funnel wealth into the hands of a powerful few. But we can’t be content working at the margins. How do we build the kind of power we need to transform the economy?

Our feature articles provide some insight:

While worker-owned co-ops provide a significant chunk of employment in several European countries, in the United States we still have a ways to go. Fortunately, opportunities for growth are everywhere.

National People’s Action is training the next wave of progressive candidates for 2016. Here’s how they could win.

For more perspectives, visit the New Economy Coalition.

Want more? Here’s a sampling of articles we’ve published at YES! related to this topic:

“Listen to and work with your base to create a shared big-picture narrative.”

His new book, “What Then Must We Do?” imagines how a new economic system might actually emerge, from the bottom up, in the next few decades.

The students organizing for climate justice on campuses today are drawing connections between the environment and social issues like debt, racism, and immigration.

Taking on the climate emergency means: building just, local economies; paying back the climate debt owed to the poorest regions of the world; divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in sustainable local economies.

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