“Noah” Director on What Faith Has to Do with Fighting Climate Change

Darren Aronofsky talks to the Sierra Club and others about the intersection of religion and environmentalism.

“No matter what the Christian right may say, Noah is a deeply religious and spiritual film containing an authentic moral message,” Chris Mooney wrote in Mother Jones today.” And that message feeds strongly into a vital and growing religious tradition of our time, one that especially appeals to younger believers: faith-based environmentalism, or what is sometimes called “creation care,” which uses biblically based moral imperatives to impel conservation and stewardship.”

Today Mooney moderates a conversation with Noah‘s filmmakers, The Sierra Club, and The Center for American Progress on the intersection of faith and environmentalism: “As the threat of climate change becomes more apparent, faith advocates are providing a crucial moral voice to call for responsible stewardship of the planet and its creatures. They are joining forces with environmental allies at the local, state, and national levels to bring about personal and policy changes that respond to climate change.”


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