Being Kind

Video from KarmaTube

Rapper-activist Nimo Patel created this beautiful music video as a gift to be offered at the end of the KindSpring 21-Day Kindness Challenge. In less than five minutes, the video traverses boundaries of space and time. Volunteers from around the world sing and dance their message of glee. Peace, love, harmony, and kindness do not always receive the respect they deserve—this song gives those hopeful qualities a bright voice. Share this with your students, colleagues, friends, and family.  Keep the kindness revolution rising!



At the Karma Kitchen, people enjoy a meal that’s already paid for—and are invited to continue the chain of generosity. In the process, organizers and participants alike learn the transformative power of gratitude.

According to new research, empathy is a habit we can cultivate to improve the quality of our own lives. But what is empathy? And how can you expand your own empathetic potential?

Last year’s most surprising, provocative, and inspiring findings on the science of living a meaningful life.




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