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Just the Facts : Global Warming and Climate Solutions

Who's responsible, who wants to step up, and what we know about climate change. The answer, by the numbers.

Feb 9, 2008

Climate’s Vicious Cycle

A penguin walking on a melting glacier.

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We Are 2° from Disaster: How to Turn it Around

Rising sea levels threaten the tiny Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu inhabited by Polynesians for 3000 years. Tuvalu residents now face a drowning country.

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Who’s Responsible? 100 Years of CO2

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Who’s Willing to Step Up?

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What’s the potential for carbon-free electricity production?

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Let the Sun Shine In

Engineer Steve Robbins displays a sheet of thin film solar cells at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) March 3 2009 in Golden Colorado. Thin film solar panels at relatively low cost and highly adaptable because of their flexibility have quickly come to dominate the U.S. market in the last two years.

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13 Best Energy Ideas

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How to Get Carbon-Free in 10 Years

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