Fall 2012

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The Body Issue

From the Editors

Taking Charge of Our Bodies

It’s more than buying stuff. It means reckoning with the intersection between our humanity and the political and environmental decisions our society makes.

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You Can’t Be Healthy in a Sick Ecosystem

New findings explain how politics, economics, and ecology can help or hurt our bodies.
Claudia Rowe

Detroit’s Good Food Cure

What happens when the Motor City transforms itself into the capital of grow-your-own food?
Larry Gabriel

6 Ways Communities Put Health First

From play space for kids to AIDS activism: the fight against disease goes grassroots.
Stuart Glascock

Traditional Foods Help Remind Us Who We Are

Tribes are pursuing a hands-on approach to finding and preparing Native foods that give spiritual sustenance, too.
Kim Eckart

A Graceful Exit: Taking Charge at the End of Life

How can we break the silence about what happens when we’re dying?
Claudia Rowe
Swimming photo by Hani Amir

Your Body is a Body of Water

A storyteller asks what you'd do if you knew your body was part of the water web.
Jourdan Keith
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The Hazards of Manhood

Am I man enough? Am I powerful enough? Men put their bodies at risk to cover up pain, fear, and vulnerability.
Michael Schwalbe

Online Tools Help Doctors Listen Up

Does your doctor understand what you need? These simple tools are helping practitioners slow down and communicate better with patients.
Sarah Kuck

Eve Ensler: Freedom Starts With a “V”

The “Vagina Monologues” author on why knowing your body can shake up the world.
Madeline Ostrander
Father Walking photo by Inid Christophe

Notes from the Frontlines of Bringing Up Girls

What I really want to tell my daughters about autonomy and sex, in the midst of a war on women.
Tomas Moniz

9 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health (Without Joining a Gym)

Laughter, the arts, touch, sleep. What you can do in your everyday life to get healthier.
Sven Eberlein

Solutions We Love

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Alice Walker: “Go to the Places That Scare You”

The acclaimed novelist on why a life worth living is a life worth fighting for.
Valerie Schloredt

How Voter Suppression Could Swing the Election

It won’t be easy to protect our votes from being sidelined and stolen this year, but here are a few simple things we can do.
Greg Palast

Culture Shift

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Yes! But How?

5 Tools (and 1 Animal) for Quieter, Healthier Yard Work

Tending your yard doesn’t have to be noisy, irritating, or fuel-intensive. Here’s how you can unplug.
Lauren Hardy & Samantha Herndon

3 Ways to Make Your Vote Count in a Money-Soaked Election

Your favored candidates may be outspent, but if they out-organize, they may be able to prevail.
Fran Korten