Spring 2018 – The Decolonize Issue
Spring 2018

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The Decolonize Issue

From the Editors

Introduction: The Decolonize Issue

"How White allies can dismantle White supremacy is probably the crucial social issue of our current time. White people have the power and the privilege, and nothing will change until we change it.”

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The Disruption of White Supremacy

The white male-centric colonial system is incapable of the leadership we need, and Indigenous knowledge is essential for the innovation that will follow this disruption.
Mark Trahant

I’m Dreaming About a Modern World That Doesn’t Erase Its Indigenous Intelligence

In over 80 nations, oppressive domination has been dismantled.
Matika Wilbur

What Standing Rock Gave the World

Americans saw the Indigenous struggle—the violence, stolen resources, colluding corporations and governments—that goes hand in hand with protecting the Earth.
Jenni Monet

“Decolonization Starts Inside of You”

Photographer Josué Rivas spent seven months living at Standing Rock, documenting the gathering force of Native Americans and their allies. He says it wasn’t just a protest; it was an awakening.
Josué Rivas

Don’t Just Resist. Return to Who You Are

Let’s re-experience our homelands the way our ancestors did and regenerate that culture.
Taiaiake Alfred

How This Tribe Got Their Coastal California Lands Returned

The Kashia’s success might be the first time that a tribe in the U.S. has held a private deed—as well as management rights—to their ancestral lands.
Debra Utacia Krol

5 Places to View Pre-Colonial America

The ancient history of this country is often overlooked. Here are landmarks significant to Indigenous people that were renamed by white settlers.
Chelsey Luger

This App Can Tell You the Indigenous History of the Land You Live On

Enter your ZIP code into the Native Lands App and an interactive map will tell you the area’s original language and tribal ties.
Chelsey Luger

An Indigenous Poet on SPAM and Colonialism

Our guttural love of SPAM was born in 1944, when cases of the shiny cans were berthed from aircraft carriers.
Craig Santos Perez

The Indigenous Collective Using Tattoos to Rise Above Colonialism

Spirit writing is more than tattoos. It’s guidance from the past that connects our responsibilities to each other and to earth.
Mary Annette Pember

Native and European—How Do I Honor All Parts of Myself?

Learning about my roots has helped me understand intergenerational trauma and cultural resilience related to my genetics.
Kayla DeVault
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Decolonizing Birth: Women Take Back Their Power as Life-Givers

“We’re just beginning to bring those Indigenous perspectives forward again.”
Sarah Sunshine Manning

“I Am Hawaiian First”

Aloha allows us to always have a commonality, regardless of our politics or gender expression.
Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu

White Allies, Let’s Be Honest About Decolonization

I want to experience the solidarity of allied actions that refuse fantastical narratives of commonality and hope.
Kyle Powys Whyte

Solutions We Love

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5 Things We Know About the People Who Live Longest

How communities are using longevity research to ensure everyone has a long, healthy life.
Megan Wildhood
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Black Farmers Reviving Their African Roots: “We Are Feeding Our Liberation”

Community farmers in D.C. say crops and methods of their African ancestors hold an essential key to restoring Black health.
Kevon Paynter
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The Revolution Is Being Podcasted

These popular audio shows use compassion, practical tools, and a little millennial humor to encourage listeners to engage.
Sammi-Jo Lee

Culture Shift

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Waiting Tables or Harvesting Food, Why Fair Labor Is Still About Civil Rights

For too many women, deciding whether to stand up to harassment at work is a choice between earning enough tips to put food on their tables or not.
Saru Jayaraman & Devan Shea

How Foodies Can Understand Capitalism and Farm-to-Table Justice

Our food system can be a place for systemic transformation through an alliance between the progressive and radical wings of the food movement.
Nancy Matsumoto

A Bag of Cheap Groceries Is No Substitute for Political Power

We can’t ignore the economic system, policies, and incentives that encourage 40 percent of all food to go to waste.
Andy Fisher

How to Say Goodbye When Someone You Love Is Dying

Say what you feel. Connect with other loved ones. Accept the past. Most important, move forward.
Bailey Williams

Tax Overhaul and the Immorality of Inequality

A society that fails to invest in its children, to protect its land and water, or to build a future is courting collapse.
Sarah van Gelder