Winter 2018 – Solidarity
Winter 2018

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The Solidarity Economies Issue

From the Editors

Joy Through Economic Solidarity

As American capitalism continues to shovel wealth at the very rich by taking resources away from the struggling rest, it’s easy to feel defeated, especially with Donald Trump at the helm. This issue began with the idea that something else is happening underneath that official story of the economy. In our work every day, we see communities full of generous people working to lift each other up. So, what opportunities do people have in going about their lives to build solidarity? Every time we purchase something, share something, eat something — every decision we make to create homes and livelihoods that meet our needs can be tailored to bring maximum social justice to others.

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Capitalism Is Not the Only Choice

We have opportunities every day to build economies that lift each other up and spread joy.
Penn Loh

What Happens When the Rich Invest in Racial Equity

Meet the young 1 percenters who decided to invest their wealth in places that long experienced exploitation.
Araz Hachadourian
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The Elite Is Not Who You Think It Is—It Might Be You

Forget about the 1 percent. Are you part of the top 20 percent of Americans who own 89 percent of our country’s wealth?
Christopher Famighetti & Darrick Hamilton

When Communities Say No One Should Stay in Jail Just Because They’re Poor

Five out of six people behind bars awaiting trial are there simply because they can’t afford bail. Community bail funds offer a solution.
Amy Roe
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How to Bring Caring for Kids and Elders (and Other Acts of Love) Into the Economy

It’s one of the most concrete representations of love that we have, yet it’s extremely undervalued.
Ai-jen Poo & Sarita Gupta

Building a Co-op Allowed These Musicians to Quit Their Day Jobs

With no major labels in Minneapolis, this hip-hop group started their own label.
Araz Hachadourian

The 150-Mile Wardrobe: A Solution for One of the World’s Most Polluting Industries

The Northern California Fibershed aims to skirt the rampant waste of resources in the apparel industry.
Araz Hachadourian
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A Radical Vision for Food: Everyone Growing It for Each Other

Unlike capitalism’s many specialized goods and services, food is practical to barter—or, better yet, to gift.
Peter Kalmus

No Price Tags: These Neighbors Built Their Own Economy Without Money

Time-banking is a model for trading skills, goods, and labor instead of money. There are close to 500 such banks across the country.
Araz Hachadourian

A Populism of Hope Begins When People Feel Their Own Power

At work behind almost any great social movement is an engine of counter-economy.
Nathan Schneider

Shop Here, Not There: Science Says Reducing Inequality Is Almost That Simple

New research shows that shuttling even 5 percent of consumer transactions to poorer neighborhoods can reduce income inequality by up to 80 percent.
Chris Winters

Would You Put a Tiny House for a Homeless Person in Your Backyard?

Because two Seattle homeowners were willing to make space, a 75-year-old man who’s been homeless for years now has a house and a community.
Valerie Schloredt
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How to Restore Our Relationship to Earth

We must reduce our burden on Earth’s regenerative systems by approximately 40 percent.
David Korten

Solutions We Love

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How I Changed My Holiday Traditions to Match My Values

Five ways to celebrate without feeling financially and emotionally overwhelmed.
Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

These People Are Transforming What Happens After You Die

Meet the morticians offering compassionate practices for dealing with death.
Sammi-Jo Lee
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The Trump Effect, One Year Later: Thousands of Women Running for Office

After Trump’s victory over Clinton, women realized how much the country needs them in politics.
Christa Hillstrom

Culture Shift

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The Woman Beside Wendell Berry: The Most Important Fiction Editor Almost No One Has Heard Of

Tanya Berry challenges our assumptions about women’s work and small-town living.
Robert Jensen

Love Letters to the Resistance

More than 30 writers send messages of hope to loved ones in the time of Trump.
Aura Bogado
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Books Inspiring Us: “Being the Change”

In his new book, NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus explores the daily practices that build healthy, happy, and resilient communities.
Peter Kalmus

Dear Activists: Throw a Better Party

Five ways to make your next protest more inviting and impactful.
Jennifer Luxton
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Feeling Burned Out? When We Gather, We Get Energized

Removing debris after a hurricane or giving blood after a shooting empowers us.
Sarah van Gelder