Spring 2021

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What an Ecological Civilization Looks Like

From the Editors

Toward an Ecological Civilization

The path toward an ecological civilization moves us from an uncivilized society based on selfish wealth accumulation to one that is community-oriented and life-affirming.

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What Does An Ecological Civilization Look Like?

A society based on natural ecology might seem like a far-off utopia—yet communities everywhere are already creating it.
Jeremy Lent

Three Cities Switching To Life-Affirming Economies

“Doughnut economics” invites nature and social well-being into urban planning.
Chris Winters

Tribes Revive Traditional Hemp Economies

A post-petroleum transition plan.
Winona LaDuke

Living Ecologically Is Illegal

The Rights of Nature movement offers a solution.
Mark Ruffalo & Melissa Troutman

A Nearly True Story: The Tale of the Hamlet

Sometime in the future of the After Times, a group of neighbors relearn how to grow food in community—and feel joy amid uncertainty.
Tim Rinne

Reclaiming Our Common Home

Expand the commons to include everything we need.
Vandana Shiva

The Gift of Ecological Humility

These Afro-Indigenous practices challenge ideas of human supremacy.
Leah Penniman

How To Awaken Our Ecological Psyche

Rekindle the deep memory of where we come from.
Kendra Ward

Solutions We Love

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Indigenous Foodways

Get Past The Sting For a Cup of Tea

A cup of Nettle tea can help fortify blood, build bones, increase energy levels, improve circulation, and decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.
Valerie Segrest
Small Works

How to Bring Nature Into Your Daily Life

The key is to make it feel like a daily gift.
Sarah Lazarovic
People We Love

Re-Visionary Artists

These creators are reclaiming their pasts and futures through transformative art.
Isabella Garcia