Social Justice

Colorado Prisons Just Got a Little Safer for Trans Women

A groundbreaking legal agreement mandates that Colorado cover gender-affirming health care for incarcerated trans women, and offers them the option to be housed with other women.

Orion Rummler & Candice Norwood | Jun 14, 2024
Mollie Engelhart of Sage Regenerative Kitchen spoke with YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar on YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali about regenerative farming

Why This Vegan Restaurant Introduced Meat

Sage Regenerative Kitchen’s executive chef explains why she added meat to the menu—and why she believes so deeply in regenerative farming.

| Jun 14, 2024
Social Justice

Lessons From Pitzer’s Gaza Solidarity Encampment

“By raising the Palestinian flag we force our universities to confront their complicity in Israeli apartheid and the ongoing genocide in Gaza,” writes recent graduate Bella Jacobs.

Bella Jacobs | Jun 13, 2024
Dortell Williams joins YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar on YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali to discuss what it means to be an incarcerated father.
Social Justice

Marking Father’s Day From Behind Bars

Father’s Day is a special time for many families. But what about those families separated by incarceration?

| Jun 13, 2024

Indian Voters Deliver Blow to Prime Minister Modi and BJP

An Indian journalist explores why voters have lost enthusiasm for the BJP and Narendra Modi’s right-wing Hindu-supremacist policies.

| Jun 12, 2024

Tips for Cultivating Trans Joy

When everything that brings LGBTQ people joy is under attack, dancing, laughing, and celebrating our persistent existence are direct acts of resistance.

Ben V. Greene | Jun 11, 2024
Wealth and inequality

Reject Ego-nomics, Embrace Eco-nomics

Finding our way to a viable human future will require the guidance of a true eco-nomics, grounded in biology and ecology rather than finance and capital.

David Korten | Jun 11, 2024
Health & Happiness

Planning Parenthood for Incarcerated Men

An innovative sex-ed curriculum in Southern California is teaching incarcerated men about consent, birth control, and dismantling masculinity.

Amy DePaul | Jun 10, 2024
Social Justice

What Trans Men Found at Camp Lost Boys

This annual summer camp for trans men of all ages offers community, connection, and masculinity that’s rooted in love.

Orion Rummler | Jun 07, 2024

Addressing America’s Political Amnesia

Have voters forgotten about the slide toward fascism precipitated by Trump? Journalist Tara McGowan sounds the alarm.

| Jun 07, 2024
Social Justice

How Black Parents Got Cops Out of Oakland Schools

After adopting the George Floyd Resolution for Police-Free Schools, Oakland-area schools saw significant reductions in racist criminalization of Black and Brown kids.

Malaika Parker | Jun 06, 2024

Does Biden’s Border Policy Look Like Trump’s?

Attorney Laura Flores-Perilla explains what‘s behind President Biden’s harsh new border policy restricting asylum-seekers arriving via Mexico.

| Jun 06, 2024
Corey Brettschneider spoke with YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar on YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali about Trump’s felony charges.

Trump Becomes the First President Turned Felon

A constitutional scholar analyzes Donald Trump‘s historic conviction, after years of avoiding legal accountability for alleged crimes.

| Jun 05, 2024
Social Justice

The Complex Reality of the Boy Scouts’ Gay Ban

This author learned that he was one of many queer kids who gravitated toward Scouting, only to later discover his identity rendered him an outcast—or worse, a scapegoat.

Mike De Socio | Jun 04, 2024
Social Justice

Justice by and for India’s Women

Long harmed by patriarchal, casteist norms within the legal system, women in India are implementing women-centered forms of grassroots justice.

Poorvi Gupta | Jun 03, 2024
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