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The corporate push to construct tar-sands pipelines is transforming the environmental movement across North America by increasing the involvement of local residents and normalizing the use of direct action.
Jesse Fruhwirth, Melanie Jae Martin

Ecuador Offers a Half-Off Climate Swap

The ITT oil fields, located within Ecuador's Yasuní National Park, have become the center of an experiment that could bring equity and human rights into the climate equation.
Brooke Jarvis

Evo Morales: Indigenous Power

Evo Morales, Bolivia's first indigenous president, is forwarding a socially just agenda that promotes the country's sovereignty and multiculturalism.
Jubenal Quispe

Bringing Back Desert Springs

The Hopi people of the Black Mesa region know how to farm and thrive in the desert Southwest. But a giant coal company is draining the aquifer that feeds their sacred springs and makes their livelihood possible.
Gary Nabhan
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