Students for Gaza Are Undeterred

Beaten, doxxed, threatened, arrested, and suspended, college students learned from past movements to put their bodies on the line for Gaza.
Arun Gupta

Gen Z’s Political Paradox

Zoomers are connected to political issues but disconnected to voting. A young reporter explores the reasons why this is true and what it will take to boost youth voter turnout.
Lajward Zahra
In Ankara, Turkey, people carry pictures of the journalists killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza. The commemoration was organized by Ankara Palestine Solidarity Platform, for Working Journalists’ Day on Jan. 10, 2024.

Reporting From the Front Lines of a Genocide

Being a Palestinian journalist has never been easy, but Israel’s escalation of violence against members of the press in Gaza is unprecedented, say press freedom advocates. Can global solidarity help stop the bloodshed?
Marianne Dhenin
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