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The Page That Counts :: Fall 2002

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Percent increase in paper consumption after an organization adopts e-mail: 40 (1)



Size of one “accounting irregularity” while Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton: $100 million (2)

Value of contracts with Iraq by Halliburton subsidiaries while Cheney was CEO: $73 million (3)

Percent increase in value of US government contracts while Cheney led Halliburton: 91 (4)

Value of Cheney's retirement package and stocks when he left Halliburton after 5 years: $48 million (5)



Annual care and feeding requirements for an average one-third-acre US lawn:

Pesticides: 10 pounds

Fertilizer: 20 pounds

Water: 170,000 gallons

Mowing labor: 40 hours

Pollution: equivalent to driving a car 14,000 miles (6)



Reduction in California's use of pesticides between 1998 and 1999: 11,700,000 pounds (7)



Percentage of Israelis who favor unilateral withdrawal from the occupied territories: 63



Who call for the evacuation of Israeli settlements from the territories: 69

Who believe that Israel should agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state: 60 (8)



Reincarceration rate among women at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (NY) who participated in the prison college program: 7.7%

Among women who did not participate in the college program: 29.9%

Number of college programs in US prisons in 1982: over 350

In 1995: 8 (9)



Number of “mega-cities” (with populations in excess of ten million) worldwide in 1950: 1

In 1975: 5

In 2001: 19 (10)



Average change in onset of arctic snowmelt between 1975 and 1995: five days earlier per decade

Northward expansion in range of guillemots (an arctic bird species) in the last century: 500 miles (11)

Ratio of plastic to zooplankton found by researchers surveying North Pacific marine debris: 6:1 (12)



Ratio of US bachelor degrees earned by women versus men in 1970: 43:57

In 2000: 57:43 (13)



Average amount of vitamin C found in organic crops compared to conventional crops: +27%

Of iron: +21%

Of calcium: +26% (14)




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Winter 2008

Percentage of Iranians who favor normal relations and trade with the United
States: 68
Percentage of Iranians who strongly support a
democratic system: 79

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Spring 2008

Amount by which U.S. rice production was subsidized in 2003: $1,279,000,000
Percentage of Honduran rice farmers who have lost their jobs due to U.S. rice dumping: 92




1.Future Survey v23, no12, December 2001, p15 2. New York Times, May 22, 2002. 3. Washington Post, June 23, 2001. 4. Center for Public Integrity, 5. USA Today, June 9. 2002 6. Audubon, v104, no2, March 2002, p65 7.Department of Pesticide Regulation, California EPA, cited in The Organic Trade Assoc. Organic Report, March 2001, p8 8. Megan Goldin, Reuters, “Intifada Throws Israeli Political Map into Disarray”, 5/31/02, 9., citing a 1997-2001 study by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and the NY State Dept. of Correctional Services 10. UN Population Division, World Urbanization Prospects, 11. Darcy Frey, “George Divoky's Planet”, NY Times Magazine, Jan 6, 02 12. Algalita Marine Research Foundation, cited in WorldWatch, v15, no2, March-April 2002, p10 13. Analysis of Postsecondary School Education, Mortenson Research Seminar on Public Policy, No116, Feb 2002, 14. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, volume 7, no 2, 2001, “Nutritional Quality of Organic versus Conventional Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains”, articles/downloads/organic.pdf

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