Spring 2015

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Together, With Earth

From the Editors

Why We Need a New—and Old—Relationship With Our Living Earth

More and more people have come to understand that behaving as if they hold all rights to Earth’s bounty amounts to an eighth deadly sin.

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Bigger Than Science, Bigger Than Religion

The idea of stewardship is too small. It’s not that we need to take care of Earth—it’s Earth that takes care of us.
Richard Schiffman

Deep in the Amazon, a Tiny Tribe Is Beating Big Oil

The people of Sarayaku are a leading force in 21st century indigenous resistance, engaging the western world politically, legally, and philosophically.
David Goodman

From Watersheds to Mountains, What If We Based Our Borders on Nature?

Bioregionalism is one possible vision of a future that works for people and for the Earth.
Ray Stoeve

When the Grandmothers Awoke

Becoming a global family, one that unites ancient indigenous wisdom with other faith and cultural traditions, is essential if humanity is to overcome the crises of climate change.
Jennifer Browdy

Depaving Cities, Undamming Rivers—Here’s How We’re Undoing the Damage

All around the United States, people are stepping up to help a damaged planet heal.
Diane Brooks
Butterfly picture from Shutterstock

Nature Needs a New Pronoun: To Stop the Age of Extinction, Let’s Start by Ditching “It”

Calling the natural world “it” absolves us of moral responsibility and opens the door to exploitation. Here's what we can say instead.
Robin Wall Kimmerer

Wendell Berry on Climate Change: To Save the Future, Live in the Present

In this selection from his new book, the poet and farmer Wendell Berry connects the dangers of the future to a failure to live fully in the here and now.
Wendell Berry

Solutions We Love

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Can the Left and Right Unite to End Corporate Rule? An Interview with Ralph Nader and Daniel McCarthy

Partisan gridlock keeps the focus on the fight—but we might have some radical ideas in common.
Sarah van Gelder
Millions March NYC photo by B.C. Lorio

We’re Young, Passionate, and Bent on Justice: Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Irresistible

The people dying are moms and dads, kids and teenagers, nerdy, quiet boys and girls. This movement is showing what wholeness looks like and demanding an uncompromised justice.
adrienne maree brown
Community Policing by Mike Dunford.jpg

5 Ways to Leave Behind the “Warrior Cop” Mentality

How is it that so many of today’s police officers have come to resemble—in appearance, weaponry, and tactics—infantrymen in the U.S. military?
Norm Stamper

3 Rad Vegan Chefs Share Their Inspiration (and Recipes!)

And agree that healthy, sustainable cooking can still be delicious and enjoyed by all.
Miles Schneiderman & Peter D'Auria

Culture Shift

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Replace the Gospel of Money: An Interview With David Korten

What if we measured wealth in terms of life, and how well we serve it?
Dean Paton

Bill McKibben: How a Lawyer From the Jim Crow South Shaped the Fight Against Climate Change

In his memoir, James Gustave Speth talks about his work to end climate change and why it's time for a new environmental movement.
Bill McKibben

Will the Elder Boom Spur a Caring Revolution? Ai-jen Poo’s Inspiring Vision

We need to shift the stories we tell ourselves about the value of elders, the care they need, and later life itself.
Wendy Lustbader

This “Raging Granny” Crashed a Wall Street Dinner to Demand Answers

“Two Raging Grannies” is a beautifully shot film that juxtaposes a journey into activism with a profound meditation on aging.
Peter D'Auria

Beyond Compost: 5 Ways to Get Your Soil Ready This Spring

The key to a great garden? Good dirt. Here’s how you can grow your own.
Miles Schneiderman & Peter D'Auria