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Page That Counts :: Spring 1998

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Percentage of US investors who say they always or frequently check on business
practices, values, and ethics before investing: 39% 
Percentage of US consumers who said they would be much or somewhat more
likely to buy from a socially responsible company: 88% 

Percentage of Star Trek television series fans who met the clinical definition of addicts
according to a London study: 10% 

Number of people worldwide who are forced to use dirty water: 1.2 billion 
Number of deaths in the world per day from contaminated water: 15,000 
Percentage of bottled water purchased in the US that is contaminated with bacteria: 33% 

Number of calories in one ounce of candy valentine hearts: 110
Number of calories you burn while kissing for 10 minutes: 10

Amount the Zeneca pharmaceutical company earns per year marketing the cancer therapy drug tamoxifen sulfate: $470 million
Amount Zeneca earns per year from sales of the herbicide acetochlor, which the EPA has termed a "probable carcinogen": $300 million

Amount weapons manufacturer Royal Ordinance was paid to clear land mines -
including its own L-9 bar mines - in Kuwait after the Gulf War: $90 million

Number of ballots validated for gods and goddesses to vote on water usage in Andhra Pradesh, India: 10,000

Amount the US spends on weight loss programs each year: $35 billion
Amount that would be needed to eliminate starvation and malnutrition in the world: $19.25 billion

Months after Paula Jones filed suit against President Clinton that the IRS decided to audit her: 40

Number of children who died of polio during the height of the US polio epidemic in 1952: 1,922
Number of US children who died from violence in 1992: 3,900

Amount of time the average American spends going through junk mail in her lifetime: 8 months

Approximate number of times per year that hackers infiltrate the Pentagon's computer system: 160,000
Percentage of hackers who succeed on the first try: 65%

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