Spring 2020

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The World We Want Special Issue

From the Editors

The World We Want in 10 Years

Nothing makes you consider the state of the world like having a child. As my spouse and I prepare to welcome our firstborn, I find myself taking stock of my community, my surroundings, and my intentions, wondering what kind of world my child will inherit.

But wondering doesn’t change what’s possible. Changing the future saving the future—requires active participation, sacrifice, compromise, collaboration, and creativity.

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We’ve Got a Better World in Mind

How to get from here to there in the next 10 years
Berit Anderson & Christine Hanna

What a Public Bank Can Do for Real People

North Dakota has the only state-owned bank in the nation. Advocates say it’s a model for getting state tax money invested in communities.
Oscar Perry Abello

The Search for Planet-Friendly Protein

We can take a cue from cultures that eat further down the food chain.
Adam Lynch

High School Health Workers? It Works

A medical school and Georgia students partner to reduce public health disparities.
Claire Jarvis

A Country That Welcomes Migration

The way Colombia has responded to the flood of Venezuelans crossing the border makes it a global standout at a time when other countries are closing their doors.
Gustavo Andrés Castillo Arenas & Patrick Ammerman

Making Space for Restorative Justice

Some prosecutors and policymakers are beginning to work toward a legal system designed to benefit all people.
Amanda Abrams

Beyond #MeToo, 3 Movements Making a Difference for Gender Equity

New attention on gender inequality is inspiring new movements and energizing existing ones.
Lornet Turnbull

Solutions We Love

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Yes! But How?

The Language of Anti-Racism

Excerpted from Stay Woke: A People’s Guide to Making All Black Lives Matter by Candis Watts Smith and Tehama Lopez Bunyasi
Sydney Worth

Culture Shift

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Antidotes to Gentrification

Plans for democratized, affordable housing.
Valerie Schloredt
Small Works

Dropping Anchor

A secret weapon for building community wealth and resilience
Sarah Lazarovic