Summer 2020

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The Community Power Issue

From the Editors

The Community Power Issue – A Letter from the Editor

Like many of you, I’ve experienced grief—deep personal grief, shared familial grief, collective community grief. But until the COVID-19 pandemic, I had not felt a part of an immense and widespread global grief. So often we in the United States watch from a distance as epidemics, famines, and wars plague other parts of the world. But now we’re in it too—sheltering in place, social distancing, wearing masks and gloves in public—and dying—right alongside people in Italy, Japan, South Africa, and most other countries.

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The Light at the End

The pandemic is remaking who we are. It is an opening to a new world where our capacity to love each other is integral to our survival.
Nafeez Ahmed

We Had Forgotten That We Are Ecological Beings

If farmers can learn such ways from nature, what about the rest of us?
Patrick M. Lydon

A Square Mile of “Ready for Anything”

“When you have humans and you have heart, you’re pretty much used to doing what you have to do to make things happen.”
Lornet Turnbull

What Indian Country Remembers About Survival

The community care at the heart of Indigenous response.
Jade Begay

Riding the Waves of Mutual Aid

Volunteer crisis responses are crucial in an emergency. But can they make lasting change?
Micco Caporale

A Chance to Cure America’s Preexisting Condition: Extreme Inequality

Our shared survival requires closing the gap forever, not just in an emergency moment.
Chuck Collins

How to Fund a Just Economic Recovery

The five principles of the “People's Bailout”.
Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz

When Savoring a Pleasant Moment Is a Radical Act

Small joys are essential for resilience.
Ari Honarvar

Solutions We Love

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Yes! But How?

What’s in a Social Justice Diet?

You can make whatever diet you’re currently eating even healthier.
Ray Levy Uyeda
Indigenous Foodways

5 Ways to Eat a Rose

What better time than now, when we’re slowed down and trying to ward off contagions, to look to traditional medicines to fortify our immunity?
Valerie Segrest

Culture Shift

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It’s Not as Simple as Rebellion

The ability to hold paradoxes is one of the key demands for climate leadership.
Tim DeChristopher

In a Breaking World, Mending Takes on More Meaning

In the fast fashion era, mending worn garments is a quietly revolutionary act.
Ruth Terry