Fall 2020

Table of Contents

The Black Lives Issue

From the Editors

Introduction: The Black Lives Issue

May we never forget May 25, 2020, when we witnessed a public lynching as a Minneapolis police officer took the life of George Floyd. The video of Floyd’s last eight minutes and 46 seconds alive—pleading for his life—went viral, and the outrage against police violence went global. That haunting image will forever be with us.

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Rebellions Work

We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.
Jamon Jordan

Black Artists Want You to Bring These to Your Next Protest

The Blkpaper campaign wants you to print out these images, grab some wheatpaste, and make a statement.
YES! Editors

What #DefundPolice Can Do For Public Safety

Cities imagine taking away resources from racist, oppressive policing and putting it toward public safety and social services.
Nicole Lewis

About This Uprising

Black Lives Matter founders on the uprising.
YES! Editors

The Great White Heist

Slavery is the usual argument for reparations. But there’s another reason.
Michael Harriot

Truth and Redistribution

How to fix the racial wealth gap, end plutocracy, and build Black power.
Darrick Hamilton & Naomi Zewde

Toward a Cure: Cities Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

The designation allowed Milwaukee to identify and track COVID-19 cases by race ahead of other jurisdictions in the U.S. – even the federal government.
Tamara E. Holmes