The Page That Counts :: Fall 1999

Number of gallons of fuel lawn and garden equipment users spill each year: 17 million 1
Number of gallons of fuel spilled in Prince William Sound by the Exxon Valdez: 11 million  2
Number of children in US public schools who report being bullied at least once a week: 1 in 10 3
Number of US cities currently in violation of federal standards for ground-level ozone smog: Nearly 100
Percentage by which asthma-related emergency visits increase
on days when ozone levels are high: up to 36%  4
Percentage of US citizens who “grow increasingly angry” when placed on hold by a business they have telephoned: 41%
Percentage of US citizens who cite having to listen to music they don't like while on hold as a “serious problem”: 51% 5
Amount a London-based insurance company pays on a policy if the insured party becomes impregnated by aliens: $333,000 6
Percentage of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, families who earn $12 or less per hour: 20%
Number of families in Milwaukee earning $12 or less an hour who could afford the median price of a home in any of Milwaukee's 77 suburbs: 0 7
Number of Parkinson's patients who had fetal tissue implanted in their brains for a 1998 surgery trial at the University of Colorado: 20
Number of Parkinson's patients in the trial who had four holes
drilled in their heads but nothing implanted: 20 8
Amount the average prison laborer makes with no benefits or vacations: 11 cents per hour
Percentage of prison industry leaders who said profit was the most important outcome of prison labor: 39%
Percentage who cited rehabilitation as the most important outcome of prison labor: 12%  9

Amount female international volleyball teams are fined per game for not competing in regulation skin-tight briefs and tops: $3,000
Number of US women's volleyball teams that consistently flouted the rule in protest during the 1998 season: 6
Number of times the Cuban women's volleyball team has been able to afford to break the rule, according to Adbusters: 0  10

Number of Americans killed by automobiles each year: 41,000 11
Number of Americans who die each year from adverse reactions to prescription drugs: 106,000 12
Number of pharmaceutical drugs found in a “typical water sample”around the world, according to German scientists: 30 to 60 13

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