The Page That Counts :: Fall 2001

Length of time a 100-year supply of oil will last if consumption grows at 5 percent per year: 36 years

A 1,000-year supply of oil: 79 years

A 10,000-year supply of oil: 125 years1

Number of years sub-adult Sooty Terns (a species of seabird) stay aloft before returning to land to breed: 3 to 102

Average hourly earnings of an American white-collar man in 1973: $19.18

In 1997: $19.243

Average age at which Americans believe their attractiveness peaks: 384

Change since 1996 in US sales of organic foods: +122%5

Human resource managers who believe that casual attire at work contributes to tardiness and absenteeism: 44%

encourages flirting: 30%6

Number of languages spoken today: 6,800

Percentage of the world's 6 billion people considered indigenous: 4

Percentage of the world's languages that indigenous people speak: 607

Stories appearing in the newspaper that are planted by public relations firms

 on behalf of paying clients: 40%8

Number of years the US has used the Puerto Rican island of Vieques as a practice bombing range:  60

Population of Vieques: 9,300

Viequenses who live below the poverty line: 72%

Odds that a Viequenses will develop cancer compared to other Puerto Ricans: 27% higher9

Guests on Fox News' top political shows who are Republican: 89%

Guests who are male: 91%

Guests who are white: 93%10

Rank of darts among the most popular American Sports: 2011

Number of people released from US prisons each day: 1,600

Percentage that will be re-arrested within three years: 66

Amount spent annually on prisons in the US: $46 billion

Increase in the amount spent on prisons in the last 20 years nationwide compared to

the increased spending on higher education: 6:1 12


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