The Page That Counts :: Spring 2002

American teenage birthrate in 1957: 96 births/1,000 woman aged 15–19
American teenage birthrate in 2000: 48.7 births/1,000
Dutch teenage birthrate in 1996: 5.6 births/1,0001
Frequency of use of the word “like” in standard American English conversation: once in every 110 words2
Weight a 10-lb earthworm colony will reach in 2 years under ideal growing conditions: 4,000 lbs3
Estimated number of Americans who biked to work at least once per week in 2000: 3.2 million
Percentage increase since 1985: 100%4
Percentage of Americans surveyed who say they talk with their immediate neighbors once a year or less: 13%
Those who say they talk with their immediate neighbors just about every day: 22%5
Estimated population of bald eagles in the continental US in the 1960s: 500 nesting pairs
In the 1990s: 5,000 nesting pairs6
Number of children lacking health coverage:
United Kingdom: 0 (including noncitizens)
Japan: 0
USA:  10,600,000 (in 1996)7
1996 military budget of the UK:  $39,500,000,000
1996 military budget of Japan: $37,500,000,000
1996 US military budget:  $282,000,000,0008
Winning speed of garden snail, Archie, in the 1995 World Snail Racing Championships: 13 inches in 2 minutes9
Recorded speed of a giant squid moving by ‘jet propulsion': 23 mph10
Enron profits in 2000: $979,000,00011
Amount Enron spent on congressional lobbying, 1999–2000: $3,500,000
Amount Enron paid in income taxes in 1999 and 2000: $012
Percentage increase in annual sales of antidepressants in the US between 1999 and 2000: 21%13

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