New Economy
The Case for a New WPA

Why many are calling for a modern incarnation of the Depression-era program.

First Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Passes

The National Domestic Workers Alliance, which formed three years ago at the 2007 US Social Forum, celebrates the recent passage of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York.

The Work Ahead

Growing renewed relationships with our food, homes, and communities requires hard work. It’s time we embrace dirty hands.

Jobs, Not Handouts

Wall Street's plunge shows what's wrong with phantom wealth. Why support that system when we could be creating jobs in the real economy?

Protecting Workers, Not Corporations

By actually regulating businesses and standing up for workers' rights, the new Department of Labor is part of a "quiet revolution" in government.

A Green and Fair Recovery

Why—and how—to make sure the stimulus creates jobs that are both green and equitable.