California Challenges Gender Discrimination With Equal Pay Law (and Other News to Chew On)

A Louisiana university helps solve the national shortage of black doctors, Uber drivers are left with car payments after a raise in fees, and Mother Jones explores whether mammograms do more harm than good.

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The Uber dilemma 

Next time you take a taxi, ask about the driver’s experience with Uber. Many cab drivers work part-time for the transportation company and some have bought a new car expecting they would make good money driving for Uber. Then the firm jacked up their take of the gross to 20 percent. Drivers cant make the payments on their car, but cant quit Uber either.  (via The Seattle Globalist)

In Finland, study-time is play-time

For kindergartners in Finland, most of their school time is spent playing. If the children arent joyful when theyre learning, whos to say theyll remember what they learn? Their experience is quite different than that of some American kindergartners, whose days involve sitting at their desk reading and writing. (via The Atlantic)

How Black Lives Matter is “building power”

Since our Make It Right issue, Black Lives Matter has continued to evolve. Where is the movement now? In These Times brought several people closely allied with Black Lives Together for a conversation that captures some of the debates in the movement today. (via In These Times)

How one university is helping to fix the national shortage of black doctors

After witnessing a disturbing drop in the number of black college graduates attending med school, Xavier University in Louisiana put in place common-sense solutions to help their students succeed. Today, they graduate more black biology and physics undergraduates than any other program in the country. (via The New York Times)

Equal work, equal pay becomes law in California

This week, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed into law a bill that aims to prevent gender discrimination in the workplace. The bill, which takes effect in 2016, requires that similar jobs must be compensated equally. (via The Los Angeles Times)

How helpful is your mammogram?

In 2012, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that over the last 30 years, mammograms have overdiagnosed 1.3 million women in the United States. Is modern medicines push for early detection hurting more than it helps? (via Mother Jones)

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