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This event is part of YES! Media and Third Act’s partnership to promote the 108th issue of YES! Magazine, “Elders” and connect more people with inspiring stories of elders making a difference.
Event image for "YES! Presents: Solving Plastic" with the cover of the Solving Plastic issue and pictures of guests Erica Cirino, Sharon Lavigne, Christie Keith, and hosts Breanna Draxler and Zenobia Jeffries Warfield.
Activists and contributors from the Solving Plastic issue explore the diverse ways communities are fighting plastic pollution and creating healthier systems.
YES! Presents: The Pandemic Portal with David Korten, Nafeez Ahmed, and Zenobia Jeffries Warfield.
A discussion with YES! contributor and author Nafeez Ahmed and YES! co-founder David Korten on how the pandemic and global uprisings can serve as a portal to a new normal.