Spring 2024

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From the Editors

The Complexity of Connection

Technology has offered us more ways to connect than ever before. So why are we so isolated, lonely, and polarized?

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Social Media for the Revolution

Has the age of digital organizing come and gone?
Reina Sultan

We Keep Our Data Safe

Resisting biometric surveillance requires more than opting out.
Juliet Kunkel
Protestor holding sign that reads "I can't breathe."

Connective Liberation

Social media has the power to fuel—or foil—social movements.
Maria Armoudian
A portrait of charlie amáyá scott, smiling broadly, wearing a red shirt with their hand near their face.

Digital Native Storytelling

Sharing our stories online enables us to define who we were, who we are, and who we will be as Indigenous peoples.
charlie amáyá scott

Safe (Sacred) Spaces

LGBTQ people are creating queer churches where no one’s identity is a sin.
Sara Youngblood Gregory

Solutions We Love

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Indigenous Foodways

Eating at the Old Growth Table

We must honor our foods as the wisdom keepers they are.
Valerie Segrest

Friend or FOMO?

Social media demands that we navigate the fine line between connection and envy.
Lane Moore
Just the Facts

The Weight of the Cloud

Our data has real impacts on the planet and its people.
Steven Gonzalez Monserrate
People We Love

Tech-quity and Inclusion

Everyone deserves access to the devices, affordable internet, and knowledge to participate in our digital world.
Breanna Draxler

Culture Shift

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At Home in Exile

The stolen souls aboard the Clotilda slave ship’s final, illegal voyage remained suspended across space and time.
Jenn M. Jackson

In Memoriam of Black Twitter

Once an epicenter of Black culture, X is now more like a sundown town.
Evette Dionne

Therapy Has Never Been Sexier

Thanks to pop culture, more couples than ever are seeking professional help in service of better sex.
Gabes Torres